Writing, Thinking, Recording.

Duck is a free, note-taking application via chat. Duck provides chat app features, not for collaboration, but for your writing, thinking, and recording.

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What you get with Duck

Duck provides powerful features for your note-taking.

Features as a chat app

You can create messages and images, manage messages by channels and threads.

Work offline

Every message is stored in your local database, you don't need to connect Internet.

Auto synchronization

If you connected Internet and signed in with Google, messages are automatically synchronized between devices.

Running every platform as Progressive Web Application

Duck is a web application, but it can be installed on your device.

GitHub Flavored Markdown format

You can create lists, and quotes and make text decorations in GitHub Flavored Markdown format.

Syntax highlight in code blocks

Duck supports inline code and code blocks. Code block also supports syntax highlight.

Data privacy and ownership

Duck respects your privacy and ownership of the data you post. We store data on your browser and Google Drive, and you can export them if needed.