Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 18, 2023

Welcome to Duck! The Duck app and website are developed and maintained as a personal project of Hiroshi Urayama (One individual, but will be referred to as “we” for convenience).

As a personal project, we handle minimum personal information to provide and improve the functionality of Duck. This Privacy Policy describes the details of how we handle personal information in the Duck app ( and website (

The information we handle

  • Content you create. This includes any content that you upload to the service. For example, you may write messages or upload files through the services. We don’t store them in our infrastructure, but store them in the Google Drive of the user’s Google account only when the user enables the data synchronization.

  • Information on access. When you access Duck, device information (IP address, operating system information, browser information) and access information (URL, referer, and the time to access) are collected.

  • Cookies. We store account information to connect Google Drive to cookies when the user enables data synchronization. The account information includes an anonymized e-mail address.

  • Your inquiry information. When you make inquiries, your e-mail address and the content of your inquiry will be sent to us.

How we use the information

  • To provide you with the services. We use your content and cookies to provide you with our services. For example, when you store a new message, your web browser sends an HTTP request to the Duck API server. The server refers to the cookie value from this request and gets the account information to update the contents of Google Drive. You can use the contents of Google Drive for synchronization between devices.

  • To improve our services. We use access information to help us to identify issues that occurred in Duck and understand how users interact with our services.

  • To reply to your inquiry. Your inquiry information is only used to reply to your inquiry.

How we protect your information

We take several steps to help protect your information. For example, we use HTTPS while information is being transmitted, do not allow JavaScript access to cookies used to store account information, and allow these cookies to expire after a certain period of time.

Third-party services

The Duck App uses Sentry SDK to track errors occurring on web browsers, and the JavaScript library provided by Google for Google sign-in functionality. They may provide third-party cookies. Please refer to their privacy policy for details on how they handle personal information for error tracking.

Privacy law

This Privacy Policy complies with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan. We do not handle “Personal data” under the Personal Information Protection Law.

Privacy Policy Updates

If the privacy policy is updated, the updated content will be notified to the Duck app and displayed on the Duck website.

How to contact us

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at this form.